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S.D. Congressional Debate: LaRouche PAC-Backed Wieczorek Shows Way Out of Farm Crisis

Aug. 22, 2018 (EIRNS)—The first Congressional candidates’ debate in South Dakota took place today in Mitchell at Dakotafest, the premier Northern Plains agriculture fair. Before several hundred people, the candidates answered questions for 90 minutes in a debate moderated by Zippy Duvall, American Farm Bureau Federation national president. Duvall himself has been speaking out about how farmers face ruin, because prices are so far below their costs of production. This has persisted over several years, but since May, has become extreme. Corn prices have dropped 15%; pork prices for the farmer have plunged 30%.

Ron Wieczorek, an Independent candidate who has been endorsed by LaRouche PAC, raised the whole scope of policy discussion, by speaking of the need for an emergency shift to a “New Bretton Woods” world system of stable currencies and massive credit for development, and elaborating Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” as essential in the U.S., not only in agriculture, but in the entire economy. Wieczorek stressed the necessity of classical culture. He spoke of the impact of the world New Silk Road and what the future can be.

Many in the audience came up afterwards to meet Wieczorek, who raises cattle, and make contact with his campaign. One farmer who had walked out during the discussion, came back later to shake Wieczorek’s hand, and explain that he was not only not turned off by the debate, but he was so emotionally overcome by the farm disaster, and the way Wieczorek described how we can solve it, that he had to leave for a while in order to recompose himself.

The other candidates for South Dakota’s open, at-large seat, were Democrat Tim Bjorkman, and Republican Dusty Johnson, and Libertarian George Hendrickson.