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Italy in Revolt Against ‘Britannia Logic’

Aug. 23, 2018 (EIRNS)—The “Britannia plot,” or the “Britannia meeting,” the infamous gathering off the coast of Italy onboard Queen Elizabeth’s royal yacht Britannia on June 2, 1992, to discuss Italian privatizations, and first exposed in context by EIR, is now upfront in Italian mainstream media and commentaries, after the collapse of the Morandi highway bridge in Genoa and the ensuing debate on privatizations.

Huffington Post Italia, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Il Tempo, and many other newspapers have published articles either stigmatizing the Britannia meeting as a symbol of privatizations, or becoming hysterical, shrieking that exposés of the Britannia plot are “conspiracy theories.” Among the latter is Paolo Mieli, leading British agent in Italy, and a blogger who goes by the pseudonym of “Johannes Bückler” (@JohannesBuckler, sans umlaut).

“Bückler,” thinking he was pulling the rabbit out of the hat, published a long report on his Twitter page, acknowledging that the author of the Britannia scoop was EIR, but saying it was founded by “anti-Semitic” and “pro-Nazi” Lyndon LaRouche, and includes the infamous photoshop showing LaRouche stretching his hand before a Hitler picture.

However, Bückler’s slander has drawn a series of angry replies by LaRouche supporters such as Andrea Pomozzi, Claudio Giudici, and Aureliano Ferri, accusing him of fake news and slanders, ridiculing his attempt to downplay the significance of the Britannia meeting and even threatening legal action.

Ferri’s tweet was then reposted by Enzo Pennetta, an author whose blog is very much followed.

Aside from the few pro-Britannia freakouts, exemplary of the general coverage is well known journalist Roberto Arditti who wrote in the HuffPost Italia:

“Capitulating to the Britannia logic, we tried to sign a pact with the Devil but probably the Devil has screwed us. In the collapse of the bridge in Genoa, with its 43 deaths, there is all of what’s wrong with the [Italian] Republic.”