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Russia Is Developing Weapons Based on ‘New Physical Principles’

Aug. 26, 2018 (EIRNS)—Air Defense Force Lt. Gen. Alexander Leonov announced at the Army-2018 international military and technical forum in Russia on Aug. 25, that “work is underway [in Russia] to develop weapons based on new physical principles,” TASS reported. The concept of “new physical principles” was at the heart of Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative proposal of the early 1980s, as a science driver for both ending the era of “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) nuclear deterrence, as well as unleashing global economic reconstruction. Such principles are also at the heart of President Vladimir Putin’s March 1 presentation of Russia’s new military capabilities, which has struck fear into the heart of the British Empire and their allied proponents of geopolitics globally.

General Leonov reported:

“The research involves creating systems based on various physical principles. These are the methods of active and passive location, self-guidance and laser guidance. Work is underway to develop weapons based on new physical principles.... No country has such a full set of long-, medium-, short-range and close-in air defense weapons. This system allows creating universal multilayered air defense over the battlefield.”

TASS explained that

“new physical principles are a notional term used to underline that the weapons’ destructive factors are based on processes and phenomena that were not earlier applied for military purposes. The weapons based on these principles include laser and microwave guns, sonic weapons, electromagnetic bombs and others.”

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