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U.K. UN Envoy Hysterical as Russia Unveils British Role in False Flag Syria Chemical Attack

Aug. 29, 2018 (EIRNS)—U.K. Ambassador to the United Nations Karen Pierce issued hysterical and threatening remarks on Aug. 27, in response to Russia’s charge that British secret services are involved in staging a provocation in Syria involving chemical weapons. She spoke both in the UN Security Council session—whose topic was the humanitarian situation in Syria, and to reporters outside. Pierce told the Security Council, according to the transcript on the U.K. Mission website:

“I would now like to turn to some of the statements made by the Russian Ambassador.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense today gave a briefing in which it said—and this has been echoed by members of his own Mission—that the United Kingdom and the White Helmets were involved in preparing chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian people. I did not use the word ‘comical’ in my press briefing [prior to the Council session]. What I said was that even by the egregious standards of Russian propaganda, this is an extraordinary allegation. It is wholly untrue and it has been denied by the commander of the British forces in Kuwait who is supporting the coalition. I am happy to repeat that denial now and I am happy to rebut any allegation that the British government or British forces engages with terrorists on the ground in Syria. The only plausible explanation we have for why these stories are being floated at the time other than to increase the amount of fake news in the system is as a smokescreen for a possible impending attack by the Syrian regime once again against its own people in Idlib, and I repeat, the statement that I, the French, and the Americans made earlier about responding appropriately. We have no information about chlorine being delivered and therefore, if the Russian Ministry does have that, the most probable explanation is that it is a preemptive attempt to set the agenda and the narrative for an appalling attack to come. And I would appeal to Russia to use all its persuasive powers to convince the Syrian authorities not to attack their own population and never again to use prohibited chemical weapons....”

Pierce went on to make repeated threats, while ostensibly addressing the humanitarian situation, stating, for example, that

“The United Kingdom also will respond appropriately [along with the United States and France] if the Assad regime repeats its illegal use of chemical weapons that has already had such devastating humanitarian consequences for the Syrian population.”

Pierce said that there are no grounds for refugees to return to Syria, and no circumstances to aid in reconstruction.

“There will be no reconstruction assistance until there is a credible and ongoing political process. There will not be a Marshall Plan for Syria. There will not be a Brussels Plan for Syria. If there is any plan, it will need to be a Moscow and a Putin plan.”