Executive Intelligence Review


Theresa May War Cry against Russia to the Parliament

Sept. 5,2018 (EIRNS)—Prime Minister Theresa May today addressed the Parliament with an escalating level of hysteria against Russia which can only be intended as a call to war.

“We were right to say in March that the Russian State was responsible” for the Skripal poisoning, she said.

“And now we have identified the individuals involved, we can go even further.... The Government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and [Crown Prosecution Service] CPS are officers from the Russian military intelligence service, also known as the GRU. The GRU is a highly disciplined organization with a well-established chain of command. So this was not a rogue operation. It was almost certainly also approved outside the GRU at a senior level of the Russian State.”

On Russia, she was openly threatening:

“This chemical weapons attack on our soil was part of a wider pattern of Russian behavior that persistently seeks to undermine our security and that of our allies around the world.”

She repeated the usual lying claims, that Russia

“fomented conflict in the Donbas, illegally annexed Crimea, repeatedly violated the national airspace of several European countries and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and election interference. They were behind a violent attempted coup in Montenegro. And a Russian-made missile, launched from territory held by Russian-backed separatists, brought down MH17,”

referring to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, shot down over Ukraine in July 2014.

She said that her government would

“push for new EU sanctions regimes against those responsible for cyber-attacks and gross human rights violations—and for new listings under the existing regime against Russia. And we will work with our partners to empower the OPCW to attribute chemical weapons attacks to other states beyond Syria. Most significantly, Mr. Speaker, what we have learnt from today’s announcement is the specific nature of the threat from the Russian GRU. We know that the GRU has played a key part in malign Russian activity in recent years. And today we have exposed their role behind the despicable chemical weapons attack on the streets of Salisbury. The actions of the GRU are a threat to all our allies and to all our citizens.... [T]ogether with our allies we will deploy the full range of tools from across our National Security apparatus in order to counter the threat posed by the GRU.”

Russian Presidential aide Yuri Ushakov responded: “We heard or saw two names, but these names mean nothing to me personally, just like you, I believe,” he said. He stated that Scotland Yard had admitted in a statement that these names were contrived. “I do not understand why that was done and what signal the British side is sending. That is difficult to comprehend.”