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Paul Craig Roberts Agrees with Willy Wimmer

Sept. 6, 2018 (EIRNS)—Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan, wrote an article on his Institute for Political Economy site Sept. 4 with much the same argument as Willy Wimmer’s, although Wimmer’s is crucially directed to Europeans’ thinking. In his article, Roberts said:

“Donald Trump was the only candidate for president who emphasized the necessity of normalizing relations with the other major nuclear power. The military/security complex saw this commitment as a threat to their massive budget and power and orchestrated ‘Russiagate’ in order to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.

“The CIA-led attack on President Trump has had the full support of the Democrats and the liberal-progressive-left who are agitating for the impeachment of President Trump, thereby removing the only politician with enough wits to see the danger in the extremely high tensions between Washington and Russia.

“If the propaganda campaign against Trump succeeds, whoever follows him in office will have to show hostility toward Russia or suffer the same fate. Therefore, it is a reasonable conclusion that at this present time the only persons who stand between us and nuclear Armageddon are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”