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Italy and China Sign Memorandum of Understanding To Work Together Developing Africa

Sept. 12, 2018 (EIRNS)—At the end of the mission to China by Italian Undersecretary Michele Geraci, Italy’s Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) and the Chinese National Commission for Development and Reforms signed a memorandum of understanding on collaboration in third countries with Africa as prime continent.

MISE explained in a press release,

“Through such a Memorandum, Italy and China commit to seek joint cooperation areas in third countries. A first target of such a new form of collaboration will be Africa, the continent which is destined, with its strong demography and its perspectives for economic growth, to draw more and more the attention from European countries and from Italy in particular, both to manage the migration phenomenon and to open new markets to our companies, as well as to share together with African countries the challenges on the path to development, economic growth and sustainability.”

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