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British Intelligence Ties Are at Stake in Declassification Order

Sept. 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—“It’s time to tell Congressman Al Green ‘the show is over!’ You don’t represent the people of the 9th CD,” Independent candidate for the 9th CD of Texas, Kesha Rogers, endorsed by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, said today. Her opponent, Rep. Al Green, for over a year has single-mindedly put himself forward as the leading champion in the House of Representatives for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“This past week Congressman Green spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference, what did he speak on? Employment? No. Flood prevention? No. Solving suicide and drug overdoses? No. Crime and gangs? No. What did he speak about? ‘Impeachment: A Necessary Remedy for Bigotry in Policy.’ Who’s the real bigot Mr. Green? YOU are!”

Rogers wrote.

“Rogers is fighting to defend President Trump against the baseless impeachment drive and witch hunt being led by grandstanding congressman Green. She is fighting to build a productive economy and stands with the President to build Great Projects for a Great America,”

her campaign statement stated.

At that Black Caucus conference referenced by Rogers, multi-millionaire Green—who represents one of the poorest districts in the state of Texas, where 25% of families with at least one child are living below the poverty line—brought in legal advisors to buttress his dangerous lie that President Trump must impeached, regardless of whether he has or has not committed any impeachable crime, U.S. Constitution be damned.

Unlike her opponent, Rogers is organizing round-the-clock to inspire 9th CD constituents to join her in “thinking big,” and fight for the national and local economic and educational platform that can work to “attack and conquer poverty itself” which American statesman Lyndon LaRouche designed.