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Trump Organizes Huge Missouri Rally To Secure Victory in 2018 Elections

Sept. 23, 2018 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump told an enthusiastic overflow rally in Missouri on Friday night that his supporters must not be complacent about the 2018 elections. Don’t wait until 2020, he warned. You’ve got to get out and vote Republican in 2018. You are voting for me in 2018. The so-called “resistance” doesn’t accept the will of the American people, he affirmed. They don’t believe you have the right to run your own country. This November you will make your voice heard, just like you did in 2016, he said to cheers.

The overflow Friday rally, held in the Missouri State University’s arena, was billed as support for Josh Hawley, the Republican candidate for Senate seeking to defeat Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill (polls still show the two tied). More than 11,000 people were inside, and Hawley said 20,000 more people more were outside. Local press reported the line to get into the rally was two miles long and started early in the morning, and that people came from around the country.

The spirit of the rally and of Trump’s speech was vintage 2016 campaign, and Trump repeatedly referred to that 2016 victory as a model for what people had accomplished. He spoke of everything from cleaning out the lingering stench at the FBI/DOJ, the Korean potential for peace and rebuilding America, to stopping “so-called ‘Medicare for all,’ ” and keeping foreign aliens from getting free education and health care. And he repeated at the end that Americans will never give in or give up. We will fight on to victory, to make America wealthy, strong, safe and great again.

The biggest vulnerability in the President’s campaign to mobilize energetic support for his Presidency in large parts of the population, is his repeated emphasis on the “all time high” record stock market as a leading reason to vote, right when the trans-Atlantic financial system is heading into a new financial blowout.

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