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Washington Media Circus in Overdrive: Rosenstein Remains at Least Until Thursday

Sept. 24, 2018 (EIRNS)—U.S. national news media went wild on Monday morning, reporting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was on his way to the White House to meet with Chief of Staff John Kelly, either to resign or be fired. The drama unfolded over a New York Times story leaked late Friday afternoon, Sept. 21, which had Rosenstein, the man in charge of the illicit Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation against President Donald Trump, arguing that the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove Trump from office, and offering to wear a wire to gather dirt on the President.

While it is a very short distance from the Justice Department on Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, media reports about Rosenstein being on his way to a dramatic confrontation lasted for some hours. Finally, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read an official statement, which said:

“At the request of the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he and President Trump had an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories. Because the President is at the United Nations General Assembly and has a full schedule with leaders from around the world, they will meet on Thursday when the President returns to Washington, D.C.”

President Trump told reporters in New York that he had spoken with “Rod” today and that he would be meeting with him on Sept. 27, and that he, Trump, wanted to have “complete transparency” about the matter.

There are several overlapping dynamics at work here:

Several former Justice Department officials are facing a grand jury in Washington, which has begun to investigate the illegal coup against the President, starting with the antics of fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe was referred for criminal prosecution, because he lied to the DOJ Inspector General about his role in media leaks. There are obviously people within the Department of Justice who want everyone who participated in the coup unveiled.

McCabe also seems bent on taking down with him those who hung him out to dry. There is no question but that the sourcing of the Times leak on Rosenstein originates in memos written by McCabe which McCabe’s attorney has, Robert Mueller has, and the Department of Justice has.

The British are screaming about Trump’s Sept. 17th declassification order regarding several foundational documents central to the coup, exposing the British hand in the matter. Trump’s declassification order came in the week when George Papadopoulos began talking about the CIA and British efforts to entrap him and fabricate evidence against the Trump campaign, efforts which provided the pretext for the FBI’s unprecedented and completely unfounded counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign.

Rosenstein had gone to the White House on Friday, Sept. 14, to urge the President to hold off from immediate declassification, based on objections from Britain and Australia. The President agreed to have Michael Horowitz, the Department of Justice Inspector General, review the documents, but stated that he expected that review to be expedited, and that speed was very important to him.