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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Urged a Return to ‘Healthy and Stable China-U.S. Relations’

Sept. 26, 2018 (EIRNS)—In a Sept. 24 speech in New York at a meeting with representatives of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the U.S.-China Business Council, China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that “the accusations toward China are not true and irresponsible; if left unchecked, they will destroy the achievements of China-U.S. relations in the past 40 years, which is unfavorable for the two countries as well as the international community.”

Wang said that

“healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations is critical to both countries as well as both peoples and is also indispensable for international peace, stability and development.... The most important experience gained by the two sides in the past 40 years is that only through cooperation can a win-win situation be attained, and confrontation will certainly lead to a lose-lose scenario.”

Wang furthermore stressed that

“China has no intention of seeking a trade surplus and is willing to resolve trade imbalances through consultations. However, dialogue should be built on equality and integrity and cannot be carried out under threats or pressure.”