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Global Times Lauds Trump Defense of National Sovereignty, and Seeks To Restore Peace of Westphalia

Sept. 26, 2018 (EIRNS)—Although there is no official statement from China at this point on President Donald Trump’s UNGA speech yesterday, the last two paragraphs of the editorial in the Sept. 25 semi-official Global Times likely reflect government thinking:

“Surely, there are positive aspects, as Trump emphasized the idea of national sovereignty in his UN speech. Meanwhile, it is common sense that sovereignty will only play a positive role if it is pre-conditioned on equality, the basic principle everyone abides by. Historically, the concept of sovereignty and equality among nations was born at the same time in the Peace of Westphalia, a peace treaty that first introduced and assured the equality of national sovereignty. Nowadays, the indivisibility of sovereignty and equality bears crucial meanings to the world.

“Recently, the U.S. broke some important rules for maintaining the international system and greatly affected the multilateral system—which is a key factor in international peace and prosperity.... It is sincerely hoped that the emphasis on the positive concept of national sovereignty could awaken Washington’s reflection on international morality, and liberate it from its current strategic arrogance and egoism. President Trump addressed that the U.S. rejects ‘the ideology of globalism,’ but that should not contradict with the U.S. fulfilling its basic international responsibilities. As a country at top of the global economy, the U.S. cannot prosper without extensive cooperation with many other countries. Therefore, unilateral winning and winner-take-all strategy—which is the opposite to multilateralism and win-win strategy—will be unrealistic.”