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Michigan U.S. Senate Candidate John James Continues To Blast Both Parties

Oct. 3, 2018 (EIRNS)—Michigan U.S. Senate candidate John James, running on the Republican ticket, again hammered at the failure of both the Democratic and Republican Parties last night at an overflow event (300-400 people) in St. Clair Shores, a working-class suburb northeast of Detroit.

As he did in his first TV ad (see yesterday’s EIR Daily Alert), James said that both parties have abandoned the voters, which made some of the traditional Republicans in the audience a little nervous. He asked the crowd: Who won the Michigan Republican primary? “Trump!” (Cheers.) Who won the Democratic primary? “Sanders.” (Boos.) No, he told the audience, these votes are the reflections of the fact that people are fed up. Look, he said, the coasts told us, we don’t need manufacturing anymore, but we do. The middle class was created here in Michigan, now we are losing jobs, not just to China. We are losing jobs to Tennessee and South Carolina and other states. He went on to hit hard on his main campaign focus, which is educating a work force for the future.

Significantly, he said that he wasn’t running against current Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow. “We just don’t need her.... I’m running because I love my children and I love my country.” Continuing to steer away from partisan and attack politics, he elaborated on how the Democratic and Republican Parties create small groups to fight each other, then “we all get screwed.”

LaRouche PAC organizers present at the meeting found a wide-open response to their explanation of the global strategic stakes in the U.S. midterm elections.