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Intelligence Chair Nunes Unveils DNC Lawyer Caught in Russiagate; Urges, Declassify the Documents!

Oct. 8, 2018 (EIRNS)—With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein likely to come before his committee this week, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes yesterday demanded that President Donald Trump quickly break Rosenstein’s block on declassification of “Russiagate” documents, ordered by Trump three weeks ago.

In a new break, Nunes confirmed Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo’s report that Democratic National Committee’s lawyer with Perkins Coie, Michael Sussman, was the “second source,” along with the notorious dossier by British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, that launched the FBI’s “Russia collusion” investigation of Trump’s campaign. Sussman, before joining Perkins Coie, had formerly been a Justice Department lawyer in the Obama Administration. Nunes’ comments appeared in an interview with Bartiromo on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” Oct. 7.

Numerous officials at the DOJ and FBI have told the House Intelligence Committee, under oath, that nobody at the FBI or DOJ knew about “Russiagate dirt” (allegedly on Trump) prior to the British intelligence interventions which included the Steele dossier. But, said Nunes,

“now you have absolute proof that that wasn’t told to the FISA Court. So you want your evidence of FISA abuse? There it is, right there. A secret warrant was placed on American citizen, during a political campaign, and yet, the FBI did not tell the court that they were getting this information directly from the opponent of that campaign....

“And not only that … many officials have told us numerous times that they have no idea where it’s coming from. And don’t forget, you had originally the story from FBI and DOJ was that Republicans had started this information and given this information. ... Republicans had nothing to do with it, and the top levels of the FBI absolutely knew this. You can’t possibly argue that the top lawyer for the FBI meets with the top lawyer for the Democratic Party and just doesn’t tell anyone.

“Then you fast forward four months later ... when they come and present the information to Congress, they say, ‘Well, we believe that Republicans were behind this.’ No, Republicans were never behind it. You knew the whole time who was behind it—the Democrats were, and it was so explosive and so damaging that that’s why they didn’t want us to know. And this is why the President of the United States has got to declassify the information we’ve been asking for,”

said Nunes.

“If he doesn’t declassify it, he’s going to let this criminal activity, and fraudulent behavior, people are going to get away with it, if this information is not declassified so that all the American people can see.”

Nunes said,

“he ordered it done three weeks ago. He said he was ordering immediately, with no redactions.... And then, a few days later, you have Rod Rosenstein convene all the top people ... they all met with the President and told the President ‘we can’t do it, because Allies might get concerned.’ ” (Emphasis in original.)

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