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Presidential Advisor Roger Stone Endorses Kesha Rogers for Congress in Texas

Oct. 8, 2018 (EIRNS)— Roger Stone, the legendary presidential advisor, political activist, and long-time friend of Donald Trump, issued an endorsement today of Kesha Rogers, who is on the ballot on Nov. 6 as an Independent candidate for the 9th Congressional District in Texas. Stone, who had encouraged Trump to run for President since 1988, and who played a leading role in shaping his Presidential campaign, has been outspoken in his opposition to the regime change coup being run against President Trump.

“Endorsement of Kesha Rogers, From Roger Stone

“I am delighted to announce my endorsement of Independent candidate Kesha Rogers, for Congress in the 9th Congressional District of Texas. Kesha is a veteran fighter, having twice won contested primaries for the Democratic Party nomination for Congress, in spite of fierce opposition from establishment Democrats. That she has chosen to run this time as an Independent is an important sign, that, by rejecting the Democratic Party, she recognizes that the ‘two party system’ has been replaced by a duopoly, with both parties dominated by neo-cons and neo-liberals, with no loyalty to the American people.

“Make no mistake, these midterm elections are about more than which ‘party’ wins. It is a matter of whether the American people choose war or peace, a downward economic spiral, or economic development, through growing the real economy. Kesha understands this. That’s why she has denounced ‘Russiagate’ as a coup against the election of Donald Trump. He has been targeted by the networks of the Bush-Obama-Clinton duopoly, not because of ‘collusion’ with Russia—as there is not a shred of evidence of his collusion produced by the Mueller ‘witch hunt’—but because of collusion between British intelligence networks, which represent the bankrupt City of London, and Obama’s intelligence officials, such as Brennan and Clapper, and the corrupted elements of the Justice Department and FBI, who are running an unconstitutional coup to prevent President Trump from pursuing a policy of peace through negotiations, and support for the sovereignty of all nations, including the United States.

“Her opponent, Congressman Al Green, is an open supporter of the coup, saying Trump should be impeached, even though there has been no impeachable offense committed. Instead of showing concern for the people of his district, which is one of the poorest in the country, he is joining with the establishment elites who are out to overturn the decision of the voters in the 2016 election. At this moment of history, when voters can determine whether we will have a better future, whether we will ‘Make America Great Again,’ Green is campaigning to overturn the sovereign choice of the American voters, acting instead as a sorry representative of a bankrupt, and dangerous establishment.

“That is why I am happy to endorse Kesha. She has demonstrated the courage to stand up against both the Bush and Obama machines in Texas, and to stand above the parties. She is ‘unbought’ and ‘unbossed,’ the kind of independent voters should be proud to cast their ballots for.

“I urge you to demonstrate that independent spirit that Texas is famous for, and send Kesha to Congress.”