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Virginia State Senator Richard Black Endorses Kesha Rogers for Congress in Texas

Oct. 9, 2018 (EIRNS)—Virginia State Senator Richard Black has endorsed Kesha Rogers for Congress in the 9th Congressional District of Texas. Rogers, an Independent, who is running the flagship campaign in LaRouche PAC’s Campaign To Secure the Future, is running against Al Green, who fashions himself as leading the coup against Donald Trump and the campaign to impeach him. Senator Black is a fearless campaigner against America’s regime change and perpetual warfare operations, particularly as directed by the British and their friends in the United States foreign policy “consensus” against Syria.

In his endorsement, Senator Black said:

“In a largely Democratic district, Kesha has taken on the responsibility of running against one of the Congressional leaders of the coup against President Donald Trump. Congressman Al Green has publicly stated that President Trump should be impeached, even if no impeachable offense has been committed. Kesha Rogers, in addition to putting forward economic policies designed to rebuild her district and our nation, has made this unconstitutional pronouncement of Green’s a leading campaign and national issue. For these reasons, I endorse her campaign and urge others in both parties to support her.”