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Robert Mueller Not a Factor in Midterms: Voters Are More Concerned with Real Issues

Oct. 15, 2018 (EIRNS)—In the Nov. 6 midterm elections, American voters have no interest in what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is doing, nor do candidates—not even Democrats—want to bring him up, Politico reports today.

“Debates have all but ignored the story, focusing instead on kitchen-table topics, like the economy, healthcare and taxes,” Politico explains. Even some vulnerable Democrats are emphasizing how often “they’ve reached across the aisle.”

Voters have more pressing concerns. Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin reports that

“in our state, we’re losing 70 to 80 dairy farms a month. I can tell you that in rural Wisconsin that’s what people are asking me about ... it’s just immediate to them.”

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told Politico,

“Washington reporters live in a different world than the American people. That’s been true for two years, where the media is obsessed with the latest and constant slams on the President. People in Texas are interested in jobs.”

Political operatives from both parties say Democrats and Republicans don’t want to discuss the Mueller investigation “in no small part because it isn’t breaking through with everyday Americans already deluged by the onslaught of Trump stories.”

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