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Harrison Schmitt Argues, Modeling Is Not ‘Evidence’ of Human Influence on Climate

Oct. 17, 2018 (EIRNS)—Former astronaut Harrison Schmitt stuck to his guns on global warming, speaking yesterday at the annual meeting of the National Association of Science Writers. The Apollo 17 astronaut and geologist repeated his well-known analysis that he “saw no evidence” that global warming is taking place as a result of human activity. The predictably hostile audience shouted back “Yes!” when Schmitt asked rhetorically about evidence of a human cause for global warming. He responded that in his profession, geology, there has been no evidence of human influence, only computer models—and models are “often wrong.”

Schmitt was asked if he saw an irony in his mention of people who deny the existence of the manned Moon landing, including himself, and his denial of manmade global warming. “I see no irony at all,” he replied.

In 2013, Schmitt wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal in which “he claimed that increasing levels of carbon would actually benefit humanity,” says the incredulous reporter for the Live Science website, who headlined his article is that Schmitt is “Mistaken about Climate Change...”

In an interview yesterday with Associated Press, President Donald Trump elaborated on remarks he had made to “60 Minutes” aired Oct. 14, in which he also questioned manmade climate change. The climate goes “in cycles,” he told AP, and in reply to the interviewer’s assertion that scientists “say this is nearing a point where this can’t be reversed,” the President replied there are scientists “on both sides of the issue.... Some say that and some say differently.”