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Salvini in Moscow Insists Sanctions Should Be Lifted

Oct. 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini flew to Moscow to speak before the yearly congress of Confindustria Russia, the branch of the association of Italian industrialists who trade with or produce in Russia. In his speech, he called for an end to sanctions, and said he does not believe the official British version of the Skripal case. “This sanctions regime makes no sense and has no positive consequences. It will end, I’ll do my best,” he said. However, the priority for Italy is to win the fight on the budget, he said. “If you have a joker, you play it only once.”

He continued:

“If you trade, work, import or export with Russia, you are among the worst criminals on Earth, because your economic contribution will go to purchase bottles of an improbable poison used by other improbable Russian spies who walk around Europe to poison people at random, even getting caught—evidently, there is something that does not convince me in this narrative.”

Salvini was approached by Sputnik Deutschland, which asked him about his comment on the Bavarian election results, when he said: “Arrivederci Merkel.”

“It is no coincidence,” Salvini replied.

“Almost all parties in European countries that were in power for decades, are now experiencing a wave of defeats. This happened not only in Germany, but also, for example, in France, and it is already a pattern.”

Sputnik Deutschland observes that

“While Salvini’s visit to Russia has been viewed positively in Italy, a visit by Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Governor Manuela Schwesig to Moscow at the invitation of a Russian-German forum, has already managed to stir controversy in the German press.”

According to a Eurobarometer poll, 56% of Italians would vote to leave the EU and only 44% would vote to remain. It is the highest negative poll in the EU.