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Papadopoulos To Testify to Congress Next Week on Brits’ Setup

Oct. 23, 2018 (EIRNS)—George Papadopoulos and his wife were interviewed on Fox News’ “Watters’ World” on Oct. 20, recounting the story of how George Papadopoulos was targeted in the summer of 2016 by British spies calling themselves the London Center for International Law Practice/LINK campus, which he later learned was a sort of training school for Western spies. Papadopoulos was introduced to Joseph Mifsud, ostensibly a Russian super-spy who had the information on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The London Center for International Law Practice set up meeting with Mifsud for Papadopoulos, who told Fox it is an “obscure, shady” front for Western intelligence. The British group brought Papadopoulos to Rome, where he met Joseph Mifsud, a professor, who claimed he had information on “thousands” of Hillary Clinton’s emails on April 26, 2016, and wanted to introduce him to “Putin’s niece,” who turned out to be just to be a student. Papadopoulos was then introduced to Australian High Commissioner to London Alexander Downer, who went over same information. He was then introduced Papadopoulos to Stefan Halper, who

“lured me to London; it’s all linked into the U.K. I didn’t tell anyone in the Trump campaign about it. Then I told Alexander Downer about it, the head of the CIA equivalent in Australia for about 17 years,”

in his earlier capacity for 11 years as Foreign Minister.

Papadopoulos told Fox, “I was set up by Western intelligence; the meeting was orchestrated by Western intelligence, by Halper, to sabotage Trump.” Papadopoulos has no recollection of talking to Downer about emails. “It’s all linked into the U.K.,” he repeated.

Papadopoulos said that next week he will testify before closed hearings of the House Oversight and Government Reform and House Judiciary Committees, where he will get out the story of the attempt to entrap him as a Trump campaign Russian intermediary who was trying to get out thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails which he knew nothing about; a story invented by various agents of British intelligence. The Republicans intend to use these hearings to force out those responsible for inventing the faked “Russian” links of the Trump campaign.