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The Liberal Establishment Is Getting Nervous Things May Backfire for Them on Nov. 6

Oct. 24, 2018 (EIRNS)—An Oct. 23 article by CNN’s Stephen Collinson betrays the liberal establishment’s deep concern that they do not have the “Trump Problem” under control, and that Trump is feeling and acting more and more Presidential—much like the report filed Oct. 14 by CBS’s Lesley Stahl. “Trump Is at the Top of His Dangerous Game as Midterms Loom,” is the headline on the CNN piece in question, which says that Trump is “coming across as a President increasingly bullish about himself and at ease in wielding his power. ‘I’m not worried about anything,’ he said” to a group of reporters in the Oval Office, according to the CNN account.

CNN rues the fact that “the President has seized control of the midterm election campaign.” In a dozen meetings with reporters over the last 11 days, “Trump’s virtuoso flexing of his significant but often diabolical political skills [and] his considerable instinctive and often cynical political prowess was on full display.” The problem, CNN writes, is that

“such behavior is more often displayed by autocratic leaders who rule in personality cults than by more cautious and conventional politicians who operate in democratic systems”

—i.e., those who play by the establishment’s rules of the game. The article concludes by reviewing the way that “Trump is using the [Central American] caravan crisis to launch a shock and awe assault on the airwaves on behalf of his policies.”