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Trump To Hold Ten Rallies in the Final Six Days of Campaign

Oct. 25, 2018 (EIRNS)—The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump is planning at least ten rallies in the six days before the election. As of today, Trump has held 12 “Make America Great Again” rallies for Republican incumbents and candidates for the House and Senate.

Trump has also spent a great deal of time with the press, demonstrating what so disturbed Lesley Stahl—that Trump is fully confident and determined in the Presidency.

“From Oct. 6 to Oct. 23, the President took well over 300 questions from reporters, sat down for at least eight interviews with the media, held a number of unscheduled press conferences, and hosted over 20 public events,”

the Examiner reports.

Trump is also contributing $6 million for an advertising campaign that will run through Election Day in support of Republican candidates, and another $3 million to the Republican National Committee.