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Key U.S. Demographic Markers Plunged after 2007 Breakdown of the Wall Street System

Oct. 30, 2018 (EIRNS)—Fertility rates in the United States dropped precipitously from 2007-2017, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Data Brief released this month reports. Such demographic declines are another marker of the Dark Age caused by the dying monetarist system, accompanying the rising death rates and soaring suicide and drug addiction. Among the brief’s key findings were that:

“During 2007-2017, total fertility rates in the United States fell for rural and metropolitan counties: 12% in rural, 16% in small or medium metro, and 18% in large metro counties.” (Total fertility rate is the estimated number of lifetime births expected for 1,000 women.)

Similarly, during 2007-2017, the mean age of at which women had their first birth “rose by 1.3 (rural), 1.5 (small or medium metro), and 1.8 years (large metro).”

The downward trends in total fertility and the increase in mean maternal age over time occurred for each selected race and Hispanic-origin group, in both rural and metro counties, the CDC found from its review of National Vital Statistics System data.