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Reporter Sara Carter Investigates Drug Cartel Links To Understand Migrant Caravan

Oct. 31, 2018 (EIRNS)—Speaking yesterday on the Dom Giordano radio program on 1210-WPHT, and Oct. 19 with Breitbart Texas radio, investigative reporter Sara Carter offered more insightful analysis on the migrant caravan wending its way through Mexico, probing beyond the many hysterical fake-news headlines. A careful, in-depth investigation of the situation is required, she said, including looking at the role of drug cartels responsible, not only for drugging the U.S. population, but also for victimizing and terrorizing the people of Mexico and Central America and “ravaging their communities.”

It is important to go beyond the superficial stories and “dig deep,” she said. You don’t get tens of thousands of people suddenly deciding to migrate north willy-nilly. This effort is organized, she said, although she attributed it only to “leftists,” (she did mention George Soros’s ally, former Honduran President Mel Zelaya), whose mobilization of so many people out of the country has created a political problem for the conservative governments of Honduras and Guatemala, and provoked a “rift” with the Trump Administration.

Carter acknowledged that there are many cases of hardship among the migrants, and that many women and children are abused, “and have no protection.” But, she said, to get to the bottom of this, look at the involvement of the drug cartels. The majority of drugs flooding the United States come from across the border. Border security really has nothing to do with being “anti-immigrant,” she observed, but rather with addressing the drug influx and the drug cartels responsible for it. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has warned that these cartels constitute the greatest threat to the United States, Carter reported.

“The drug cartels own the routes in Mexico to the United States.... For people to get to the United States, they have to pay the drug cartels. The drug cartels have routes into the U.S. and those are the ones they are using to get in here, and we have to understand there are women and children in these groups, and if we really care about the people moving in here, we’re going to look at these issues, full scope.”

She told Breitbart radio that the first step “is paying attention to what’s actually happening, so that the United States can finally declare these foreign cartels what they really are: narco-terrorists.”