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Neo-Cons Pull Out All the Stops against China To Sabotage Trump-Xi Meeting

Oct. 31, 2018 (EIRNS)—The Wall Street Journal today offered arch neo-con Michael Auslin of the Hoover Institution an op-ed under the headline “Backlash Builds Against Beijing,” and with subtitle, “China wants to displace the U.S. as leader of the world, but it faces dissent at home and abroad.” Auslin gathers up all the filth that has been launched against China, Xi Jinping, and the Belt and Road over the past months: the “debt trap,” which is teaching the world “the dark side of doing business with Beijing”; domestic repression; no reform; military expansion; stealing intellectual property; massive internal debt; a “cult of personality unseen since the Mao era”; the “world’s first total surveillance state”; locking up Uyghurs; and more.

But never fear—dissent (read color revolution) is on the way, claims Auslin, with “hundreds, likely thousands of protests every year against official corruption and the government’s heavy hand.” He concludes: “Sticking to the current path will lead to greater tension between China and the world and risk more unrest at home.”

The neo-cons are pulling out all the stops to prevent a successful meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping on Nov. 30 at the G20 in Argentina.