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Russian Defense Ministry Warns of False Flag Chemical Attacks Planned for Syria

Oct. 31, 2018 (EIRNS)—Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, warned today that new false-flag chemical weapons attacks are being planned to take place in some regions of Syria, particularly in the Aleppo region, TASS reported. He stated that similar provocations are being planned for other regions, for the purpose of justifying renewed Western air strikes on Syria.

General Konashenkov also reported that the ministry had been informed yesterday that members of the (British-spawned) White Helmets organization had arrived in Azaz, Marea and Chobanbei locales, “carrying professional video equipment,” and that additionally, “tanks with poisonous substances, allegedly chlorine gas, have been brought in.” This situation, “is being closely monitored,” he warned, stating that specialized Russian crews and vehicles, equipped with the necessary technology, have been deployed to Russian outposts in immediate proximity to the Idlib demilitarized zone. They will be “monitoring the radiation, chemical and biological situation regularly.”

The Defense Ministry spokesman further reported that the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides has obtained information

“that on Oct. 27, terrorists from the Turkestan Islamic Party transported 20 ten-liter chlorine containers from Maarat al-Nu’man to carry out provocations. They were unloaded in the inhabited communities of Kfar Nebel and al-Huash,”

he said.

Konashenkov also pointedly emphasized that, given the “inability” of the United States and Syrian Democratic Forces to effectively fight terrorists in the Trans-Euphrates region, ISIS units are retaking previously liberated areas. ISIS also continues to

“receive cutting-edge weapons and military equipment. We are closely monitoring these arms supply channels and have established a special commission for that purpose,”

General Konashenkov said.