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Soros Paid Fusion GPS To Rake Up Muck on Donald Trump in 2016

Nov. 1, 2018 (EIRNS)—George Soros, the pro-drug legalization moneybags of the Democratic Party and a promoter of Hillary Clinton, has been identified, according to a New York Times report, as one who paid $1 million to the Democracy Integrity Project, which used the research group Fusion GPS as a contractor in a quest for dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, Sputnik reported today.

Fusion GPS, in turn, hired Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, to compile a dossier on the alleged Russian meddling into the 2016 U.S. presidential vote and collusion with Donald Trump campaign, which is the basis for Robert Mueller’s Russiagate witch hunt.

The Soros involvement came as a follow-up to last year’s scandal, that broke out after reports that the Democratic National Committee and the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton helped fund the infamous dossier through the DNC’s law firm Perkins Coie.