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Chinese Media Consider International Import Expo a ‘Milestone’ for China and the World

Nov. 6, 2018 (EIRNS)—China Daily yesterday published an editorial emphasizing that the Nov. 5-10 first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai will mark a “milestone” of China’s already remarkable positive impact on the world economy.

“China now has more than 300 million middle class consumers, and the number will double in a decade or two,” the paper wrote,

“which will be twice that of the United States, and threefold that of the European Union. Last year, China contributed 30% of the world’s economic growth. That China increases imports to meet people’s demands and propel its continued development—it expects to import more than $10 trillion worth of goods and services in five years—will benefit companies from around the world and help stoke the global economy.”

The editorial also stated that

“Many enterprises from countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road are taking part in the expo, with some from the least-developed African countries showing their exports for free, [which] also makes the event a window by which the world can see the world. History will tell that this expo was a milestone signaling that China was on the way to becoming the world’s largest import and consumer market, and that countries around the world would share the dividends of China’s continued reform and opening-up.”

Global Times emphasized the strategic thinking behind China’s policy in its editorial, “Import Expo Highlights China’s Wisdom.”

“When facing the pressure of a trade war, whether to close the door or persist in opening-up is a comprehensive test for China. Compared with countries that plunged into full confrontation with U.S. sanctions, China has taken totally different countermeasures. At the Boao Forum for Asia in April, Xi unveiled new measures for expanding reform and opening-up. CIIE was held as scheduled and with meticulous organization. This reflects China’s resolution to open wider, regardless of changes in the international situation.”

The editorial continued:

“China has been outstandingly resilient and persistent under U.S. trade pressure, with ample rationality and strategic wisdom. China is a unique country that has its own development plan and the capacity to properly adjust the execution of that plan.... What the West says about us doesn’t matter. How fast China pushes forward reform and opening-up should be determined by the actual condition and has to meet public expectations. Policy proclamations have to be done to make people and international society feel the benefit.”