Executive Intelligence Review


Other Notes on Trump’s Post-Election Press Conference

Nov. 7, 2018 (EIRNS)—While President Donald Trump laid out a powerful call for bipartisan cooperation among all the members of Congress, the media at the press conference set new records of incivility, rudeness, and disgusting fake accusations against the President. Trump responded politely, but when several—especially CNN—reporters refused to give up the microphone and screamed at the President, after Trump answered their questions, he called them out, demonstrating the hostility that comes from the “fake news press,” not from the President. Accused by a PBS reporter of having declared himself a racist by calling himself a nationalist, he responded that the question was itself racist, and that being a nationalist was how he raised Black and Hispanic and Asian employment to the highest level in history.

But Trump was in full control. He repeatedly referred, respectfully, to the “very talented and skilled Democrat candidates” who had nonetheless been defeated in crucial elections, and called for “putting the past partisanship aside.”

Asked if Mike Pence would be his running mate again in 2020, he turned to Pence: “Will you be my running mate in 2020?” Pence agreed.

Asked if he would still pursue an additional 10% tax cut for the middle class, and if he would trade that for a rise in corporate taxes, he said that was possible, that the Democrats also want a middle-class tax cut, and he would consider an “adjustment” on other taxes.