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Kesha Rogers Tells Campaign Supporters, ‘On to Our Greater Campaign, and Into Space!’

Nov. 8, 2018 (EIRNS)—LaRouche PAC-endorsed Independent candidate for Congress in Houston, Texas 9th CD Kesha Rogers, who ran against the “Impeacho-crat” Rep. Al “Greedy” Green, sent out the following inspiring call to arms to her supporters today:

“First, I want to thank all of you who supported me in this election. As you probably know, $110 million was poured into the [Senate] race between Beto [Democrat Rep. O’Rourke] and Ted Cruz, and turning people away from that spectacle to a campaign built on actual ideas proved difficult. But, those of you who did that and voted for me, already have qualified yourselves as very special people and I am ready to build a movement with you, based on the ideas we put forward in my campaign. I will continue to partner and work with the people and organizations I encountered during the campaign, who know that the ideas I was presenting are real, and were not some typical political gimmick timed for one election. Unlike most candidates, I believe that real history is made by those who create and champion profound ideas—pioneers for the future—not the money changers who want to trap us in their mundane present.

“I learned a lot from campaigning in this District about real poverty and the loss of hope and pessimism about change which accompanies it. I chose this District, in part because of the corrupt grandstanding of Al Green, but also because of my passionate commitment to ending poverty rather than managing it. I believe that accomplishing this great task requires a level of political and cultural education and discussion like that created by those who made the American Revolution. I intend to take this challenge and create and pursue this type of discussion now in meetings, forums, and communications directed toward the 9th District.

“Reflecting on the midterms, President Trump yesterday, presented the Democratic control of the House as an opportunity for solving the very real problems which haunt most in our population now—the problems we know are primarily economic. In this changed national environment, which we must insist upon, we can actually shift this nation to the exciting future of space exploration, great development projects here and nationally, and educating genius—the bread and butter issues of my campaign. I hope you will join me in this greater campaign. To borrow a thought from Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the Moon, I hope you will see your support of me in this election as one small step in our nation’s history but a giant leap for mankind.

“...Now, let’s continue and expand this fight,”

she urged.