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Nigeria’s President Buhari on the Urgency Restoring Lake Chad

Nov. 10, 2018 (EIRNS)—In a meeting with the head of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, President Muhammadu Buhari spoke again on the urgency of the inter-basin water-transfer project for Lake Chad. As The Vanguard reported today, Buhari said: “The problem of climate change is real. The desert encroachment is aggravating it.” The drying up of Lake Chad is serious for Nigeria. Among the Lake Chad Basin countries, Nigeria is greatly affected because fishing, animal husbandry, and farming are very seriously harmed. “We are trying to prick the conscience of developed countries to quickly execute the interbasin transfer from Congo Basin to Chad Basin.”

As Nigerian sources told EIR, everybody is waiting for the result of the feasibility study for the Transaqua plan, which the Italian government has ensured with initial financing, but which has not started yet because of bureaucratic procedures. Hopefully, the funds will be released after a meeting of the joint Lake Chad Basin Commission-Italy committee next January.