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Scientists Reach the Conclusion To First Develop the Moon, Then Mars

Nov. 23, 2018 (EIRNS)—Under the Obama Administration, the Constellation program to go back to the Moon was trashed and replaced by a fantasy-ridden manned mission to Mars. Fearful that a lunar return would derail the Mars mission, a “Mars or bust” group, with Bob Zubrin and Buzz Aldrin as the most visible spokesmen, formed and functioned as a counter to the lunar program.

SpaceNews columnist Jeff Foust reported Nov. 21 on a panel discussion that took place on the Nov. 13, during which former lunar skeptics realized the value of developing the Moon first. Formerly skeptical scientists reported on technologies that could be tested on the Moon before being sent to Mars, and the science and resources that the Moon offers.

It is important that the space science community present a “united front” on what direction should be taken, especially before the Congress. The Congress members should not be given the responsibility of coming up with a space program.European Parliament Member