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U.K. ‘Integrity Initiative’ Exposes British Empire’s Hand in Ukraine Provocation

Nov. 27, 2018 (EIRNS)—The lead story yesterday on the website of the “Integrity Initiative,” exposed recently as a British intelligence black propaganda operation, is a call for war against Russia, and anyone in the West refusing to join that war, using the Ukraine provocation in the Sea of Azov as its pretext. The author is The Economist former Senior Editor for Russian affairs Edward Lucas, with an impeccable record as imperial spokesman against the nation-state system arising from the Peace of Westphalia, who longs for war on Russia.

Immediately below that call for war, is the statement issued by Integrity Initiative the same day, Nov. 26, acknowledging that the recently leaked documents exposing it as a British intelligence front are true. It states: (1) that its “funding for 2017 and 2018 was provided by a grant from the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office”; and (2) that the documents on its operations leaked by Anonymous in recent days are legitimate, although it “cannot say with confidence whether [the documents] are all genuine or whether they include false material.”

This is the outfit, then, which published Lucas’s article war cry, headlined “West Is Once Again Failing Test Set by Russian Aggression.” Lucas proposes that Russia’s response to the Ukraine provocation be seen as a parallel to Nazi Germany’s 1939 attack on Poland, and be met against Russia accordingly, using “kinetic, symbolic and financial measures.” He suggests such responses as to send a NATO naval flotilla to dock at Ukraine’s Mariupol port on the Sea of Azov; increase military assistance from the West to Ukraine; impose a temporary ban on official and business visas for Russians, and measures to cut Russia off from access to the Western financial system.

Lucas complains that Western nations and even NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg are instead calling for restraint and de-escalation by both sides, unlike Canada, which danced to Her Majesty’s tune, and condemned Russia as the aggressor.

Lucas is most upset over President Donald Trump’s failure to turn against Russia. “Most worryingly of all (for us, and most pleasingly for Russia) there was no early response from the U.S.,” he complains. Lucas makes clear that British intelligence will activate its assets/targets in the U.S. Congress, noting that the U.S. response “may get better. There is talk of more sanctions. In the U.S. Congress will have something to say....”

Not two weeks earlier, Lucas had penned an article posted by the “Integrity” crew on Nov. 19, in which he raved that

“It is time to drop the fiction that Russia and China are normal countries with which we can conduct normal diplomacy. They should be seen as rogue states, akin to North Korea or Iran.”