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Kremlin Presents Trump-Putin Agenda in Buenos Aires

Nov. 28, 2018 (EIRNS)—Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov today presented media the agenda for the planned meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Buenos Aires on Dec. 1. He said that despite some negative signals from Washington, “this meeting is equally important for both sides. It is certainly vital from the viewpoint of further developments in the world.”

As TASS reported, Ushakov said:

“On December 1, Saturday, this day will begin with a morning breakfast with Merkel and then bilateral [meetings], including talks with Trump. I cannot confirm now that the sides have agreed on the place and time of holding this meeting.”

He said that the meeting has been prepared with

“the use of ordinary communications channels between the two administrations. That’s why if any additional considerations in this context emerge, we think that we will be informed about these considerations through the above-mentioned channels, rather than mass media.”

On the format, he said that this will be a one-on-one meeting, and then key members of both delegations will join the dialogue.

“The talks, its content and duration fully depend on the leaders, they will choose the key issues for discussion. As for us, we consider that the talks in Buenos Aires will be a follow-up to the Helsinki talks.”

Regarding the agenda, Ushakov told reporters:

“First, this is certainly, the issues of ensuring strategic stability and disarmament dossier,” stressing that this aspect is vital given the U.S. plans to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. According to Ushakov, “It’s of vital importance not to allow disturbing the balance of international security and the uncontrolled and senseless arms race. We believe that in a situation when the Americans have withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and signals that they will stop their participation in the INF Treaty, certainly, it is very important to discuss together the options of a renewed system of ensuring international security.”

The Russian and U.S. leaders may also discuss regional governance and anti-terrorism, he said. “We are sure that the Presidents will hash over the Syrian conflict, the Iranian nuclear program, the Korean issue,” he said, not ruling out that the Kerch Strait incident may be also discussed.

The third issue on the agenda will be the bilateral relationship, and “what both sides need to do to lead these relations out of the deadlock and start looking for ways to normalize them.... But the Presidents will use the time as they like and the duration of the talks depends on its nature.”