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British Empire, Geopolitical Assets Deploy for War against Russia in Ukraine

Dec 3 (EIRNS)—Stephen Blank, a Senior Fellow at both the American Foreign Policy Council and the Foreign Policy Research Institute, with “over 900 articles” to his credit, found himself so inspired by the courage shown by the Ukrainians, standing up to the Russian Bear in the Sea of Azov, that he wrote yet another piece on Nov. 26, offering his years of insight on the crisis. The Atlantic Council found Blank’s insights worthy enough to post on their website, as did the Kyiv Post.

Posted under the title, “Russia’s Provocations in the Sea of Azov: What Should Be Done?” Blank is first of all certain that Putin was the aggressor, and that Russia’s actions “By any standard, these are acts of war.” This “Blank” shooter then cynically compares them to actions of the British in the United States in 1812(!), actions over which the U.S. “went to war.” Not only are these actions by Russia “part of its intention to close the Black Sea to foreign shipping in defiance of international convention,” he says, they also, “closely resemble China’s in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.”

Then, sounding every bit as incendiary as the British Integrity Initiative’s Edward Lucas’s posting last week, Blank tells us what must be done: “Ukraine should give careful consideration to a special operation that might disrupt the bridge that Moscow built over the Kerch Strait that joins Crimea to Russia,” he writes.

“But that’s not all. Ukraine should invite the United States and NATO to send a fleet of armed ships to visit Mariupol, the main city on the Sea of Azov coast and defy Russia to fire on or block NATO from exercising the right to visit Ukraine’s ports. Those ships should be armed and have air cover but be instructed not to fire unless fired upon.”

In this light, then, comes a report from Sputnik—sourced to the Russian Embassy in London, and ultimately to a BBC-Russia broadcast—that the United Kingdom has deployed 1,200 servicemen of the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a top-secret unit specializing in electronic and psychological warfare, to Ukraine. In a statement issued Dec. 2, the Russian Embassy stated,

“Earlier, we had information about the [United Kingdom] dispatching its military experts to train the Ukrainian military to conduct special operations against civilians of Donetsk and Luhansk. Now it turns out that the U.K. presence has expanded through, as BBC reports, conducting psychological and information operations in this country. As we see, it all happens in the run-up to the presidential election in Ukraine”

in March. The embassy further said that if the alleged information is correct, then the new troops represent a new element of a large-scale U.K. military presence in Ukraine.”