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CFR’s Foreign Affairs Feature: Will the U.S. or China ‘Run the World?’

Dec. 20, 2018 (EIRNS)—The cover of the January-February issue of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the British Empire’s primary political outpost in the U.S., the Council on Foreign Relations, reads: “Who Will Run the World? America, China, and Global Order.” In the series of four articles, the most egregious one by Oriana Skylar Mastro, Jeane Kirkpatrick Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, is titled “The Stealth Superpower: How China Hid Its Global Ambitions.” She answers her own question by claiming that the sneaky Chinese government “deliberately delayed the modernization of its military,” and “opted to first build up other types of power—economic, political and cultural—in order to project a less threatening image.”

Imagine—taking economic development and cultural collaboration to the world!

She claims there is no way around the so-called “Thucydides trap”:

“Rising powers can delay provocation for only so long, and the bad news for the U.S.—and for peace and security in Asia—is that China has now entered the beginning stages of a direct challenge to the U.S.-led order.”

Therefore, Mastro writes, prepare for war: “If U.S. leaders deem primacy in Asia worth protecting, they should brace themselves for the possibility that doing so may require the use of military force.”

It is of note that Mastro denounces President Donald Trump for not imposing imperial “order” on the world. Even more blatant, she claims that China has an “Achilles’ heel,” in that: “its leaders have failed to articulate a vision of global dominance that is beneficial for any country but China.”

True enough, China had no plan at all for “global dominance,” but only for global development, to the benefit of all. Geopoliticians like Mastro cannot imagine such a world, and therefore deny its possibility.

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