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Syrian Official Confirms Government Discussions with the Kurds

Jan. 10, 2019 (EIRNS)—For the first time, a government official in Damascus has confirmed the discussions ongoing with the Kurds. Reuters reports that Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad expressed optimism about the eventual outcome of the talks, which are being mediated by Russia, in remarks to reporters in Damascus, yesterday. “I feel that we must always be optimistic. The past experiences were not encouraging. But now matters are reaching their conclusion,” he said. He expressed approval of recent statements by Kurdish groups affirming they are indeed part of the Syrian state and nation, saying “the conditions” were favorable for them to return to the state.

“Therefore I am always optimistic ... we encourage these political groups to be sincere in dialogue that is happening now between the Syrian state and these groups, taking into account that there is no alternative to that.”

Reuters adds that, last week, a top Kurdish politician told them that the Kurdish groups had presented a “road map” for a deal with Damascus during recent meetings at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

Al Masdar News, citing a source in Damascus, reported that the Kurdish group, the Syrian Democratic Council has recently intensified their talks with the government in a bid to resolve their disputes and seek a peaceful settlement. According to the source, the SDC is working with Damascus to prevent a Turkish military invasion in the northern part of the country, while also making strides to end the political deadlock between the two entities. The source said that the Syrian Democratic Council is seeking political autonomy in their areas, but they do not want to separate from the state. In turn, the Syrian government has rejected the idea of federalization but is reportedly open to the idea of joint control of the SDC-held area until the war is over.