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New York Times Hypes Insane FBI Allegation That Trump Committed Treason When He Fired Comey

Jan. 12. 2019 (EIRNS)—The New York Times of Jan. 12, blared the headline, in oversized type: “FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia.” A closer look reveals that the Times plagiarized this article largely from the Epoch Times, the Fulan Gong’s anti-China newspaper. Epoch Times had been leaked the transcript of former FBI Attorney Lisa Page’s June 2018 testimony to the Congress. According to both the Times and the anti-China rag, when Trump fired James Comey as FBI director, the top levels of the FBI, fully in league with the British intelligence line about Trump and Russia, didn’t just orchestrate the hiring of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to pursue the bogus Trump/Russia investigation. They also opened a full-scale FBI counterintelligence operation, now targetting the President of the United States directly. Previously, they had pretended to be investigating only people associated with the Trump campaign. The counterintelligence investigation centered, in effect, on whether the President of the United States had committed treason.

In the deranged McCarthyite fever generated by the Christopher Steele/British intelligence information warfare operation against the United States which began in late 2015, these circles in the FBI apparently believed that Russia had been formally declared an enemy of the United States. This is the arrogant, off-the-wall atmosphere in which the unhinged, unelected arbiters of American foreign policy in the Justice Department deliberated a putsch, in legal garb, against the American President. This is the atmosphere in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein talked about wearing a wire to the White House while approving, at the same time, the hiring of Robert Mueller to find out whether Comey’s firing was a criminal obstruction of justice by Donald Trump.