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First ‘Integrity Initiative’ Event in U.S. Points to Cyber War

Jan. 14, 2019 (EIRNS)—Documents of London’s Integrity Initiative (II) openly admit (on its website) that “D.C. is well served by existing U.S. institutions” when it comes to Tory sympathizers in the nation’s capital. So, Integrity Initiative states that it intends to concentrate on building up “counter-disinformation clusters” of cooperating media networks throughout America’s heartland, and its first conference in that direction leads one to think that its focus is more cyber warfare than media manipulation.

As first revealed by Max Blumenthal in a Jan. 8, 2019, piece in “The Grayzone”—reposted to Consortium News and now also on a Huffington Post blog site—the Initiative held a conference in Seattle on Dec. 10, 2018. The official sponsor of that event was the Minneapolis-based digital development firm Adventium Labs, specializing in complex software for systems management. At the II conference it was announced that Adventium would be the first cluster partner for its ostensibly “media-directed” psywar operation against America.

With virtually no media profile to speak of, the one qualification which Adventium has, is that it just received a contract, worth $5.4 million, from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is, among other things, the cyber-war headquarters of the U.S. military. A page on the Adventium site further reveals that the contract is with DARPA’s “Cyber Fault-Tolerant Attack Recovery” (CFAR) program, to produce attack-resilient software for military applications. Minnesota is otherwise a concentration of cyber resources; e.g., headquarters for IBM and a strong extended corporate digital network. Adventium has strong connections to the University of Minnesota scholastic cyber networks. The CEO of the 10-year-old company, Kyle Nelson, spent 14 years of his early career at Honeywell, Inc.

A page announcing Adventium Labs’ sponsorship of the December Seattle conference has now been pulled from its website, as has a “YouTube” video of the keynote speech, given by the intrepid “Brit for Bernie,” Simon Bracey-Lane.

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