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Report Documents Saudi-Led Coalition’s Grim Destruction of Yemen

Jan. 17, 2019 (EIRNS)—A “Periodical Report on the General Situation in the Republic of Yemen” for November 2018, put out by the government in Sana’a, paints a grim picture of conditions in Yemen as a result of the Saudi-led bombardment campaign. The report includes a chart of economic assets damaged or destroyed by Saudi air strikes. It includes water tanks and water pumps, factories, agricultural fields, chicken and cattle, agricultural equipment, business establishments, and airports and sea ports, among other things.

“The living conditions of farmers and fishermen have been exacerbated due to the direct targeting of their properties by the coalition States, which led to the loss of farming- [and] fishing-related livelihood for farmers and fishermen through targeting many agricultural facilities and crops, as well as boats on the coasts of the Republic of Yemen and its maritime region by the Coalition States,”

it says.

The report goes into some detail on the lack of medicines, especially for diabetes and kidney transplant patients, many of whom have since died. The Ministry of Health reports that some 120 vital medicines needed to treat chronic diseases, including for cardiopathy, liver, hemophilia, and cancer, are completely unavailable. Patients with these conditions are left “waiting silently to die in their homes.”

The report also counts 106 civilians killed by coalition military operations in the month of November, and 244 wounded. This includes 29 children killed and 88 wounded, and 14 women killed and 27 wounded.

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