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New Seymour Hersh Exposé of George H.W. Bush Vice Presidency Outlaw Wetworks Operations

Jan. 21, 2019 (EIRNS)—Veteran investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh has a new dossier titled, “The Vice President’s Men,” on the outlaw wetworks operations by George H.W. Bush during his vice-presidency. The 12-page article, blacked out so far in the U.S. media, appears posted in this week’s London Review of Books (Jan. 24).

Hersh states that, “At his [Bush’s] direction, a team of military operatives was set up that bypassed the national security establishment—including the CIA—and wasn’t answerable to Congressional oversight.” As for President Reagan, the operatives on this team thought, “Reagan was ‘a dimwit’ who didn’t get it, or even try to get it.” He was kept out of any knowledge of Bush’s operations.

One priority of the dirty operations was to hit back at “perceived Soviet expansionism in more than 20 countries, including Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Libya, Senegal, Chad, Algeria, Tunisia, the Congo, Kenya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Vietnam.”

Read for yourself.

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