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Integrity Initiative Empties Website, Ready To Blame Russia for Exposure

Jan. 23, 2019 (EIRNS)—The British military-run, anti-Russia propaganda and disinformation campaign called the “Integrity Initiative,” heavily exposed of late for its involvement in the drive to remove U.S. President Donald Trump from office, has removed all of its website content as of Jan. 21. RT reports Jan. 23,

“A group claiming association with the loose hacktivist collective Anonymous has been dumping private Integrity Initiative documents online in various batches since November. The leaks revealed that the Scotland-based, government-funded organization, which bills itself as a non-partisan disinformation-busting charity, was actually using clusters of journalists, politicians, and academics to carry out secret anti-Russia campaigns, interfere in domestic politics across Europe and smear anyone who questioned its narratives.”

All that remains on the site, according to RT, is a short statement: “We’ve temporarily removed all content from our website, pending an investigation into the theft of data from the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative. The website will be relaunched shortly.”

This suggests—and not only to RT—that the site will quickly relaunch with a claim that it was Russia that hacked it.

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