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NASA’s Statement on Moon Missions with ‘Global Partners’ Focuses on China

Jan. 23, 2019 (EIRNS)—NASA wrote a statement on Jan. 19, reviewing its “Campaign To Return to the Moon with Global Partners.” At that time, the statement was not readily available, but there were media reports on the contents. What was covered in the media, and in EIR Daily Alert on Jan. 20, were some specific areas of cooperation on lunar missions, such as having NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter take photos of the Chang’e-4 landing site at the end of this month.

Now, the full Jan. 19 statement is available. What is most noticeable is that the only “global partner” discussed is China. One-third of the statement describes the discussions NASA has been having with its Chinese counterparts and various areas of lunar cooperation with China.

The statement is an institutional recognition of the importance of China’s lunar program. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has expressed his view that the Wolf Amendment prohibiting the necessary collaboration, be dropped from the House NASA budget appropriation bill. It is still in the House bill for the current FY19 budget. That could be changed by the Senate.

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