Executive Intelligence Review


Pipe Dreams of ‘European Defense’

Jan. 28, 2019 (EIRNS)—The Franco-German Treaty signed last week envisions a strong cooperation in the military, going in the direction of an independent capacity for “Europe” to defend itself against whatever enemy there might be. But Germany would have to make enormous efforts if it plans to contribute to that: For instance, its Navy does not really exist. Four frigates were commissioned in 2006 but never built, and the existing Naval forces have been used up (in terms of manpower and matériel) in ill-designed out-of-area missions in the Mediterranean and off the coast of Somalia. Germany at present has no combat-ready Navy, with a good part of its functioning vessels deployed to patrol the Mediterranean and bring aboard refugees—made possible only once cannons and missile-launchers on deck are removed to make room for several hundred refugees.

Of the six submarines of the 212U class which the German Navy has, none can be deployed at present for lack of spare parts and trained manpower. The only manpower being trained are foreign sailors of countries to which Germany sold the submarines. The Naval reconnaissance aircraft are out of date and can only be used for sunshine deployments coming close to tourism missions. The corvettes have no real firepower and cannot be used for combat. The German Navy now only has 25% of what it had in 1989, and what remains today is just on paper.