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Fox Anchor Tucker Carlson Warns that Mueller Threatens America

Jan. 29, 2019 (EIRNS)—Tucker Carlson, in a short clip on his Fox News show on Jan. 25, the day Roger Stone was arrested on dubious charges, primarily of lying, decried that atrocity as exemplifying Robert Mueller’s general reign of terror and violation of justice which Americans must fight.

“We have just witnessed FBI agents in tactical gear with heavy weaponry swarming over the lawn to arrest a 66-year-old man who has no history of violence, doesn’t run an international drug cartel, hasn’t been charged with murder—or even with spying for Vladimir Putin,”

Carlson pointed out.

“You don’t need to be a Roger Stone partisan, a fan, to see that there is something wrong with what happened this morning: The most powerful man in America is now an unelected prosecutor with no functional oversight over what he does. Robert Mueller commands, in effect, his own domestic army; you just saw them. He can use it however he likes, and he does. Mueller crushes people, when it’s not even necessary to do so, weak people mostly, and he does it in ways clearly designed to send a political message. That is not how democracies are supposed to work.”

As for Stone facing jail time for lying, Carlson concluded:

There is one thing worse than lying:

“The selective application of federal law. One standard for the powerful and well-connected; another for barefoot 66-year-old men with unfashionable political views. Some people skate; others are destroyed. It all depends on who you know. That’s what America is becoming, and we ought to fight that.”