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British Two-Part Operation in Venezuela Includes Interim President Guaidó, and Trump Is a Target

Jan. 30, 2019 (EIRNS)—As investigative journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen demonstrate in an article published Jan. 29 by the Grayzone, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “interim president” Juan Guaidó is really a nobody, something like a Manchurian Candidate. Far from being the savior of Venezuelan democracy, the unelected 35-year-old president of Venezuela’s National Assembly is a creation of the global, London-spawned “Project Democracy” apparatus—funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID, and assorted George Soros-linked entities—for the sole purpose of launching a color revolution in Venezuela.

But what Blumenthal and Cohen fail to mention or understand is that the apparatus they accurately describe is only one part of a two-pronged assault on Venezuela which began with the installation of the London-created and -directed Jacobin operation in the 1990s, first with Hugo Chávez and continued by his successor Nicolas Maduro—an operation which EIR has thoroughly documented. “Chavismo,” which the leftist Blumenthal defends, forged a strategic alliance with the FARC cocaine cartel (also run out of London), and wrecked the country, economically and politically, setting it up for what is occurring today: a Gene Sharp color revolution, also run from London, in which Guaidó, and many others like him, are just useful fools carrying out their assigned tasks.

Nota bene: This is part and parcel of London’s coup against the U.S. President, as Trump is being urged to buy into the “defend democracy” fraud, perpetrated by the London-backed war-mongers in his cabinet—Pence, Pompeo, Bolton—and elsewhere. Trump today spoke to Guaidó by phone and congratulated him on his efforts.

On the Guaidó side of the operation note the following:

Guaidó belonged to a group of Venezuelan “student leaders” who were selected as early as 2005 and sent to Belgrade, Serbia sponsored by the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), an offshoot of OTPOR, which was instrumental in the overthrow of Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic. It is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the National Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, among other assets of Project Democracy.

According to a leaked email from the CIA-linked Stratfor, OTPOR “turned its attention to Venezuela” in 2005 “after training opposition movements that led pro-NATO regime change operations across Eastern Europe.” It stated that “student movements” in Venezuela would be crucial in eventually triggering a revolution there. Guaidó would go on to become part of the group of “student leaders” known as the Generation 2007, who would lead violent protests in Venezuela against Chávez and then Maduro.

Guaidó’s Popular Will party, which he helped form with former Caracas mayor and mentor Leopoldo López, a Princeton-trained oligarch for years financed by the NED, is described by Blumenthal as “the most violent, radical right-wing party in Venezuela functioning as shock troops of oligarchy,” and hated by those who want to avoid civil war.

Guaidó graduated from Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela, and then went to George Washington University in D.C. in 2007 to enroll in the Governance and Political Management Program, under the tutelage of rabid Friedmanite economist Luis Enrique Berrizbeitia, a former Executive Director of the IMF. As Venezuelan investigative reporter Diego Sequera reported, Guaidó is more popular outside Venezuela than inside, “especially in the elite Ivy League and Washington circles.”