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Italian Senate President Issues Declaration for Global Cooperation with Russia

Jan. 30, 2019 (EIRNS)—Speaking to the Russian Federation Council, the legislature’s upper house, Italian Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati issued a powerful declaration to end the anti-Russia hysteria and forge major-power cooperation for peace and development.

“One of the reasons why we believe that close cooperation between Russia and Italy, Russia and Europe, Russia and the West is crucial, is because we understand the most important role your country plays in maintaining the fragile balance on the international stage,”

she told the senators in the Federation Council, and stating further that it was a role “that may prove crucial in the face of the serious threat to global peace,” TASS reported today.

“Russia performs the most important task of stabilizing the situation in conflict zones and fighting against terrorism in its many manifestations,” Alberti Casellati said.

On great power cooperation, she said,

“I think it is very important for great powers such as the United States and Russia, together with other big foreign policy players, to find a way to closely and constructively cooperate for the sake of stability and global security.”

She also pointed out that the European Union, NATO, and Russia needed to create conditions to overcome sanctions, which were harmful to all, and to build a dialogue based on common features, instead of emphasizing differences.

“Without a doubt, there is more than a link but a set of features shared by Russia and Europe. There can be no talk about the European civilization without Russia.”