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China Will Not Deviate from Developing Its Science and Technology Capabilities

Feb. 4, 2019 (EIRNS)—Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang was asked at the regular press briefing, on Jan. 31, about U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s remarks alleging China’s “theft” of U.S. technology, and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s comments that China wants to replace the United States as the number-one technological power.

“I have noted relevant reports,” Geng responded.

“In science and technology, the U.S. is second to none. This is a fact we recognize. But we also hope that the U.S. can accommodate other countries’ technological development and progress with an open and inclusive attitude. There is no justification at all for the U.S. to applaud its own progress in science and technology and have little tolerance for the development of others. Willful denigration, criticism, and suppression of other countries’ progress is simply unreasonable.

“I want to stress that China has not achieved its technological development through theft or robbery. Instead, it is with the wisdom and hard work of all the Chinese people, including Chinese scientists.

“Competition is one of the basic features of market economy. You cannot have market economy without having competition. The U.S. talks about market economy all the time and demands other countries to observe the rules of market economy. Therefore, there are more reasons for the U.S. to view and approach the subject of competition in an objective and correct way.

“It is absolutely normal for China and the U.S. to have competition in the technological field. As long as such competition is legitimate, fair and rules-based, it will boost the technological development of not only the two countries, but also all mankind. China stands ready to strengthen exchange and cooperation in science and technology with the U.S. to better serve the two peoples and people around the world. On this front, China’s attitude is always open and inclusive.”