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Geraci in Trieste To Plan Belt and Road Cooperation with China in Africa

Feb. 5, 2019 (EIRNS)—Italian Economic Development Undersecretary Michele Geraci and his colleague Infrastructure Undersecretary Edoardo Rixi paid a visit to Trieste Feb. 2 to plan for the role of the Trieste port in the New Silk Road, and called on local producers to forward proposals for cooperation with Chinese companies in Africa.

According to Trieste All News, Geraci

“in view of the planned visit to Italy of Chinese President Xi Jinping in March, has invited local enterprises to communicate their readiness to collaborate with Chinese companies and partnerships on Beijing’s productive investments in Africa, in order to include it in the dossier that will be object of bilateral agreements.”

It is to be presumed that the same call is being extended to all producers nationally.

“On the sidelines of his meetings with local authorities, Geraci has stressed how the port of Trieste has the opportunity to become the most important terminal in Europe for the New Silk Road. ‘But we must decide quickly,’ Geraci warned, ‘because investors need certainties,’ ”

Trieste All News quoted him as saying.