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More Crimes from Special Counsel Mueller—Violating ‘Woods Procedures’ for FISA Warrants

Feb. 7, 2019 (EIRNS)—Veteran investigative journalist John Solomon published an article in The Hill Feb. 6 asserting that when he was FBI Director, now-Special Counsel Robert Mueller was hauled before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court about concerns in the 2002-2003 time period regarding FBI “material omissions” in warrant applications.

According to Solomon, the FISA judges cited 75 such incidents prior to and during the Bush Administration’s war on terror, the vast majority of which occurred prior to Mueller’s FBI tenure, and demanded that Mueller reform FBI practices. Among the things the FBI had not told the Court was that one of the FISA targets was their own informant.

Solomon says that Mueller told the FISA judges that the FBI would commit to the so-called “Woods” FISA procedures in effect today, to ensure that such cheating and material omissions did not occur in FISA warrant applications. Mueller, as this news service has documented, is, among other things, a coverup and legal con artist. Among his feats to date is defeating any real investigation into the Bush/Saudi/British role in the 9/11 murders of almost 3,000 Americans. It is unknown whether Mueller’s final report will claim that Trump has been compromised by the Russians or obstructed justice, although many have speculated this is unlikely. It is absolutely clear, however, that the report will be a grand effort to manufacture enough smoke to justify the otherwise completely illegal MI6, GCHQ, CIA, and FBI penetration and attempted entrapments of an American presidential campaign and subsequent efforts by former FBI Director James Comey et al. to fabricate an obstruction of justice claim against the President. Mueller aims, at a minimum, to allow people who committed outrageous crimes against the U.S. Constitution in trying to defeat and/or subvert Trump, to escape justice and emerge scot free.

So, convincing FISA judges who were angry that they were being repeatedly duped by the FBI in contravention of the Fourth Amendment, that new procedures would be written and their enforcement would cure the problem, is simply a small helping of Mueller’s fakeries. Witness the FISA warrant application pertaining to Trump associate Carter Page, written, allegedly, under Mueller’s Woods procedures, which neglected to mention that MI6 operative Christopher Steele was biased and would do anything to prevent Trump’s election, a fact known to the drafters of the warrant application; that former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was paying for Christopher Steele’s work, a fact also known to the warrant’s drafters; and that the MI6 Christopher Steele dossier was full of completely unverified and salacious allegations. The sloppy and fabricated Steele “dossier” was presented, instead, as fact in that warrant application.